Mariah Elizabeth Klaneski and Samuel Joseph Reisner

Samari Trivia

Mariah and Sam have NOT traveled to which of these New York places?

a. Ithaca
b. Long Lake
c. Niagara Falls

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Together, Sam and Mariah (Samari) enjoy traveling, dancing, learning new things, and music. They appreciate creativity and value the important things in life. They are both blessed to be close to their families. They're happy. Very happy.
How They Met
A blind date arranged by two wonderful Yentes -- Sam's sister Jenny and Mariah's good friend Jim. Months after receiving Mariah's digits (and email address!), Sam made the call. Eventually the two met on October 26, 2007, where they closed out the restaurant.
The Engagement
On Friday, February 13, 2009, Sam and Mariah had dinner at his apartment. Afterwards, noticing that his coat pockets were quite overloaded, they determined it was about time for another round of "What's in Sam's pockets?" Mariah guessed the normal assortment of pens, papers, and other pocket detritus, but there was one item remaining - a small ring box with her engagement ring inside. Moments after accepting Sam's proposal, Mariah presented Sam with an engagement ring of his own, that she had designed especially for him.